Our brilliant RICKY GROVER leads the latest series of THE OUTLAWS (BBC)

Finally we can announce that our very own RICKY GROVER stars as a series regular in THE OUTLAWS 3 directed by Stephen Merchant for BBC. All eps available now on BBC iPlayer

Our amazing Patsy Lowe plays a series lead in Hat Trick Comedy SMOGGIE QUEENS (BBC)

An out and out comedy centered around a gang of friends who are fiercely proud of their North Eastern town of Middlesbrough and their small pocket of the LGBTQ+ community

George Craig joins the cast of BBC’s CALL THE MIDWIFE for Christmas Day

We spotted George at the Mountview 3 year actors showcase last year and are very proud of him with his recent success’s especially CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC)

Jet Summan appears in Emmerdale (ITV)

Congrats to Jet Summan who books his first job with GDA on Emmerdale (ITV)


Our brilliant Daniel Fearn plays series lead ‘Dave’ in Things You Should Have Done for BBC/Roughcut. Stream all eps now on BBC iPlayer

Darren Tighe now starring in DOMINO DAY (BBC)


Catch our wonderfully talented Darren Tighe appearing in 4 episodes of this brilliant series now on iPlayer

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Ricky Grover in comedy TV Series (BBC/Amazon)

New regular in Series 3 of much loved comedy series.

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Daniel Fearn in comedy TV Series Things You Should Have Done (BBC/Roughcut)

Leading role in new 6 part off beat comedy series.

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Nikolaos Brahimllari in Sky Atlantic Series

Nikolaos is currently filming a recurring role in Series 3 of this popular Action thriller.

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Patsy Lowe in BBC comedy pilot

Leading role in hilarious comedy for Hat Trick/BBC.

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James Eeles in DI Ray Series 2 (ITVX)

James plays ALED in this much loved police drama.

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Seamus Casey in Untitled Disney + Project

Seamus appears in 1 episode of forthcoming new TV series.

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Daniel Fearn in Grace (ITVX)

Recently wrapped in series 4 of the longstanding Police Drama.

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John Sheahan in Untitled Disney + Project

John appears in 1 episode of forthcoming new TV series.

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James Eeles in new Robert Zemeckis feature film (Sony Pictures/Miramax)

Busy time for James working with this legendary director.

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James Eeles in Untitled Disney + Project

James appears in 1 episode of forthcoming new TV series.

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Louise Bailey in Eastenders (BBC)

Watch Louise in the iconic Christmas Special.

Darren Tighe in exciting new BBC Series

Darren recently wrapped as a recurring role in this British fantasy TV series.

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Emilia Wells in comedy feature film Near Miss

Recently wrapped in this exciting British comedy.

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Jennifer Greenidge in TV Series (BBC/Amazon)

Looking forward to seeing Jennifer in this new British fantasy TV series.